I’ve received a couple of reader comments over the past few months asking if I would consider creating a lighter-colored theme. The gist of it is that the dark colors of View from the Dock are fine for short posts, but some people don’t enjoy reading the longer review articles on the dark background (my wife is included in this category).

In response, I created a ‘light’ version of this site. You can choose the light or original flavor from the new ‘Switch Style’ drop-down list in the left column. It’s persistent, meaning it will remember your choice…provided you have enabled cookies for your web browser.

I also got rid of the registration requirement for commenting and added a ‘CAPTCHA’ to prevent spam and verify commenters are human. The one I choose is reCAPTCHA. The nifty thing about reCAPTCHA is that one of the two words you are required to type is a scanned word from a book that cannot be read by computerized Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software. By entering the word, you are helping to digitize an old book. That is a truly great idea.

So, if you registered for this site — you don’t need to log in anymore to comment. If you’re new to the site, you do not need to register at all to comment.