It's been a while. I've been living in a hotel since the last post (yes, since the end of April). During that time, I discovered that hotel life renders me apathetic and extremely unmotivated. What little energy I could muster was spent trying to find a new home and trying to be productive at work. As is surely obvious, I was not at all motivated to maintain this blog. This lack of motivation was bolstered by shoddy hotel bandwidth, which rendered any web-based activities quite painful.

That said, it's now over. We're now in a new home with a decent broadband connection. While I've studiously ignored this blog for months, I have thought about it quite a lot. Do I still enjoy it? Do I want to keep it going? My conclusion: I do want to keep it alive, but I'm going to shift the focus a bit. I'm no longer going to focus my writing on Mac-related tech. The volume of Mac-related content on the web has exploded since I started this project. There's a glut of Apple-focused review-commentary-ramblings out there. So this blog is going to turn into something a little different. There will still be Apple-related posts, surely. But I'm going to shift to a wider range of topics. It'll be an experiment, as it's always been. Expect to see a lot of tech-related posts. But also expect to see other topics that stray into other areas of that interest me. While a general rule of thumb is to keep one's blog focused on a narrow niche to build readership, I'm choosing to ignore that. We'll see what happens.

In other news, I've just migrated from a self-hosted Wordpress site to Squarespace. Why? I'll save the full details on what I like (and don't like) about this new service for a later post. The main reason for the switch, though, is that it will allow me to focus more on content. When I started this blog, web development was something I only did through this venue and through some for-hire work. Now, my current job fully scratches this itch. I'm knee-deep in it most of the day. So my Squarespace migration is a move towards letting others worry about the details. This is not to say that the free Wordpress.org solution isn't a great choice. It is. But it takes more time and vigilance than I care to invest at this point.

The site will remain named 'View from the Dock.' When I started this blog, I chose this name because of the obvious reference to the Apple Dock. But I also liked the name because it could mean a view from a dock. As in a dock in the water, overlooking a lake. That's more of where I'm at now.

Troy Kitch @troykitch