Bow Saw

I now have a bow saw. This was a fun weekend project that involved only two mortise/tenon joints and drilling two 1/4" holes. The rest of it was just lots and lots and lots of planing and then (mostly) filing down shapes with rasps. I got the hardware for the kit from Tools for Working Wood. I’m happy with how it came out.

The arms are hickory and the cross-piece and wooden catch (not sure what you call that small thing that keeps the string from unfurling) are koa. Here a few shots. I wish I had taken more photos of the shaping of the arms, as that was the hardest part and I didn’t even take one shot of it.

Here’s a shot of breaking down the stock.

Got the parts all ready here.

Once again, my Raamtang vise came in super handy for holding a lot of small parts.

And here it is!

Troy Kitch @troykitch