So I purchased the metal hardware to build a frame saw and kerfing plane from Bad Axe Tool Works. The plans I used are from Tom Fidgen's The Unplugged Workshop.

Here's the finished saw in use.

Here's my documentation for the frame saw build.

The starting point.
The ends of the frame saw are bubinga. The arms are hard maple.
Here are the rough cuts.
This is how I created the angled arm for the saw handle: cuts with my big tenon saw and then chisel it out.
It was slow going to remove all this wood.
Once the angle was set, I cut the handles.
And then I rounded the handles using a spokeshave and files.
Here's one completed handle. I smoothed the middle part with a card scraper. the squared off area where the handles meet are cut with a carcase saw and chisels.
The completed handle (the 'front' of the saw).
The maple arms are tenoned.
I cut the tenons using Sloyd bench hooks to hold the long arms stable.
After the arms are prepared, I tackled the back of the saw. These holes are decorative but also reduce weight.
I then drilled out the holes for the mortises in the back piece and squared off with mortise chisels.
And then did the same for the front of the saw: cutting out mortises.
Here is the saw dry fit.
For the back arm, cut out a small mortise to inset the hardware where the big pin goes to tighten the blade.
Then I completed the back end of the saw with files to round it off.
Here it is ready to assemble.
And here it is all put together with the hardware. Lots of filing and smoothing with card scrapers and some fine sandpaper.
A close-up of a handle.
And the back end of the saw.
A nice resaw ... was a delight this saw is to use. I still need practice on resawing longer pieces, as I'm having trouble with drift. Thats where the kerfing plane comes in: to help keep on the lines.